Sunday, December 2, 2007

Jason Kidd's Claws Come Out

When Jason Kidd went on his tirade a ways back about how the Nets give up in games too easily, we figured it was a bunch of his usual fire-in-the-belly words to inspire his team. After all, outside of marrying complete she-devils, Jason Kidd can do no wrong.

Well, chuck us in with Juwana Mann Joumana Kidd, because we smell a rat.

The New Jersey Star Ledger is reporting that Kidd's tirade agains the Nets came shortly after the team told him that they wouldn't honor his wishes for a pricey extension. Apparently Kidd is angry that Vince Carter got a ton of money and wanted similar treatment.

Yes, Kidd is a shoe-in Hall Of Famer. Yes, he still in many ways is better than Vince night in and night out. Yes, he scores points with us for "most monotone delivery of a 'psych up the crowd' speech" (His "Hey...Nets fans...Make Some Noise..." is priceless). -But none of this changes the fact that he is almost 37 while Vince is "only" 30. That right there is the reason behind Rod Thorn saying no-no.

This sounds like a mess for the Nets organization one year after they got out from under the weight of Kidd's sticky divorce.

The Sixers are a joke, the Knicks are in the 9th circle of hell (not to be confused with the flames erupting spontaneously at Seattle home games), the Raptors are being exposed as a one year wonder and now this. It appears that for the millionth straight year, the Atlantic Division will run away with the "most dysfunctional division in the NBA" crown. We can only hope Doc Rivers goes crazy with a tommy gun and seals the deal.


Jordan Geary on December 2, 2007 at 8:47 PM said...

Rarely do I ever laugh out loud at comments, but that one got me.

A candidate for comment of the year thus far.

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