Sunday, December 16, 2007

Lebron Finally Says What I've Been Saying All Along

First off, huge props to the Miami Dolphins, my favorite NFL "team" (I put team in quotes since they resemble an unorganized batch of mental defectives this year rather than a cohesive group). Miami managed to actually win a game, beating the Ravens behind the silly putty arm of Cleo Lemon. Now that they are assured of not being the worst team in sports history by winning, I can now relax and ignore this NFL season in style.

Back to basketball, today Lebron James spoke out and said that I wasn't too far off with my assessment of him wincing at the talent surrounding him on the Cavs, admitting that the Cleveland Cavaliers just aren't championship material:

We’re not playing very good basketball,” he said. “Right now, we’re not a very good team.”

Cleveland coach Mike "Al Roker" Brown disagrees, saying, "Right now, we’re reeling a bit because of the losses". This is substanially easier to stomach than what he should be saying, which would be an Ozzie Guillen-esque tirade of, "We're pretty, but we suck ass when you actually take your eyes off of Lebron".

Part of a closer inspection of the Cavs' problems reveals they have an inability to beat "easy" teams. Their most recent loss was to the 76ers, a team whose mere presence in the league these days seems to involve making other teams implode over the sheer fact that they lost to them. Remember when the Knicks lost to the 76ers and all hell broke lose? They should go by a new name: "The Philadelphia 'And you will know us by the trail of dead'"

Tomorrow night the Cavs play the Bucks, a team who is somehow one half-game better than them in the standings. While the Cavs are bad, the Bucks are 2-11 on the road so this would be a true test of how awful each of these teams are. My prediction? Cavs win by ten and Yi blows his brains out at the end of the third quarter.


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