Friday, January 25, 2008

A Few Things Here And There

Mums the word for now, but we're looking into some interesting opportunities being presented to the site. THF might soon be on your radio airwaves, some magazine interviews are set up, and other pooptacular events are planned to help us fulfill our dream of one day acquiring Google.

As it stands, we're about 47 billion dollars short of that goal and about as many years off, but we've got our eye on acquiring you soon,!

For now, let's take a gander briefly at some news stories before we hop into our weekend stupor!

-Next time you need a designated driver and are lost in a black abyss that normal headlights cannot penetrate, call Hornets guard Morris Peterson. He continued the time-honored trend of NBA players spending their money wisely by buying a $142,000 car that comes equipped with night vision. On a related note, Paris Hilton sex tapes will now be filmed in front of cars apparently.

-Our logo member and father of the phrase "Howeva", Steven A. Smith, now apparently has his own blog. Just when you thought you couldn't get enough of his Kobe praise on all of the 48 ESPN television and radio channels, you now can read gems like this on his blog site:

And as usual, I've got several thoughts on my mind. One would be that Kobe is the league-MVP right now, hands down. It's so obvious, it isn't even worth discussing, although I'll have to tomorrow night on NBA Shootaround.

We're tingling with excitement.

-Partner site Deadspin took a page out of our field trip book by taking a trek to MSG. Unlike us, they actually got to shoot around on the floor and didn't get heckled by belligerant Nets fans, but we still consider their trip rather successful.

-The biggest news story of the day was Shaq telling everyone he refuses to retire. Cue groans from Miami Heat fans and Pat Riley finding another Van Gundy to clean up his mess.

That should be it for now, but we'll keep you updated on anything else. Weekends are short so start enjoying this one right......NOW!


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