Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Joys Of Reporting On The NBA After A Weekend Of NFL Playoff Games

Let's face it, this past weekend was all about the NFL. I watched it, you watched it, and even yo momma watched it (I'd rather not go into detail about how I know this, but let's just say it involved a whistle and a ref uniform). The NBA only had one game yesterday, which involved the Nets getting slaughtered by the Suns, so even the NBA itself knew that there really wasn't much to talk about in its own league.

That leaves us with the sobering reality of today. What do you talk about when barely anything happened in the NBA? Do you lay down and give up? Do you take the day off and spend time with family? Do you defer to the NFL websites promising news and humor in one convenient package (Perhaps "The Turducken Files")?

Hell no.

You reach down and find the most exciting news story happening in the NBA at that moment and you report the SHIT out of it. There is ALWAYS something happening in the best sports league in the world and it is our job to dig it up and present it to you, our loving readers.

...with that in mind we'd like to wish Portland Trailblazer Dancer "Mary Ellen" a very happy birthday this upcoming Tuesday. Her favorite style of dance is "Lyrical Jazz", she doesn't have any pets, and her guilty pleasure is "Anything Sweet!"
Happy birthday, Mary Ellen. Enjoy your moment in the sun for now, because to be honest I am worried about you. Why? Well, on your team bio you also happened to mention that your favorite all-time Trailblazer is Sebastian Telfair. This makes me believe that you are either unfamiliar with anyone who ever played with the team or some sort of meth addict.

In my opinion, listing Mr. Telfair as a "favorite player" is one of the things the government and high school guidance counselors should flag as a warning sign of dangerous things to come.


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