Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Teams Actually Want JJ Redick? Are You Sure?

Just when you thought metrosexual news was out of style in popular media, along comes Wednesday.

First comes news that "the guy that made hairlips look sorta metro" Joaquin Phoenix is protesting for the writer's strike by going "speechless"...and spelling his name incorrectly like a moron.

-And next comes news that JJ Redick is apparently coveted by other NBA teams besides the Magic. This comes as a bit of a surprise as Redick is:

A) Completely devoid of defensive abilities

B) A cock

C) Unable to find playing time under two different head coaches despite fan interest

D) Not content with being a bench player despite not having starter skills

E) A cock

This also is coming from the mouth of Magic GM Otis Smith, so there is a sliiiiiiight chance that he is trying to up Redick's value for potential suitors. Most NBA fans and teams have completely forgotten about Redick since he wept like a little bitch when Duke got tossed from the NCAA tourney.

Still, namecalling aside, THF would like nothing more than to help J.J. by drumming up interest in his services. He has, after all, been a brilliant source of entertainment if nothing else.

Thus, we present our favorite photos of Mr. Fo-hawk himself:

The "I hope dad can get me out of this" DUI classic

The "My backwards hat says I'm street, but the collared pink shirt says no way this kid next to me will never be allowed in the country club"

The "Maybe this new team doesn't appear to take me seriously" slow realization shot.

The "Falsely perpetuating rumors of a gay Tron sequel"

The "Wait...J.I. Redick? Who the hell is that? Shitty Google image search..."

The "Cocky enough to smirk at an entire stadium, yet not quite comfortable enough with himself to wear a jersey without an undershirt" part 1 of an 1800 part series.

There are plenty more, but we'll save those for a post if he actually does get traded. Best of luck to J.J. and the team trying to dump him on the bench of another team.


bballincuban3 said...

just think about this for a second. the fukin magic couldGhave drafted Rudy Gay, and athletic 2 guard who can shoot and play d at times, but went with JJ REdick instead. Just ponder this for a while. Had we drafted Gay (haha gay) then Otis wouldn't have felt the need to overpay Rashard and the team could be tops in the Eastern Conference with cap room to spare. Instead we drafted Jeff Hornasack's underachieving nephew

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