Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Coming To Grips With The "Life As We Know It" Poster

If you live on this planet in any sort of metropolitan setting, you've probably seen the "Life As We Know It" poster below:

It took me a long time to figure out what the hell was going on here, simply because Katherine Heigl's face is so close to Josh Duhamel's ass. Life as I know it does not normally involve ass sniffing.

I eventually figured out that it's some pukey way of saying that this guy in the movie is more like a baby than an adult, parading around in his underwear and drinking beer (grownup milk) out of a bottle. Realizing this made me hate this damn thing even more, and if you are a guy in New York City it is virtually impossible to escape these annoying posters that force you to stare at Josh Duhamel in his underwear and question things about yourself.

Anyhoo, I've stared at these damn "Life As We Know It" posters for so long that I have accepted my fate that I cannot avoid them. When this happens, it becomes my mission to somehow make them awesome so I can mentally deal with them while on my hellish morning commute. I looked at the poster for a long time today while waiting for the subway, and then the answer hit me. It was so obvious the entire time that I couldn't believe it didn't come to me sooner. The easiest way to make the poster fun to look at was to simply swap the position of the two main stars and kick that baby the hell out of there. It works so well that I am convinced the photographer had this in mind. The studio must made him swap their positions at the last second and go with some lame baby metaphor. Jerks.

See? If this was their original intent than life as we know it is pretty damn good.


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