Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Boston Loses Again: America Rejoices

Tonight the Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Boston Celtics 109-104, after Sasha Pavlovic hit a key three pointer to send the game into overtime. Lebron had 38 points and 13 assists, essentially matching in one game what will take players like Joel Przybilla a full season to amass. This loss makes the Celtics a (paltry) 11-2 and actually makes the Cavs look respectable for a day or so until they lose at Detroit tomorrow night...I'd say "you heard it here first" but you probably already knew that would be the outcome.

Somewhere Anderson Varejao just read that, nodded along, and went back to stuffing his mouth with turkey legs and lard.

It is a shame most people are wishing for the utter demise of everything involved with the Celtics, especially since they were bad for a while and Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett seem like really nice guys. The fact remains that SOMEONE must be the nation's punching bag while we watch Red Sox victory parades and Patriots undefeated seasons. Plus, with the Lakers' press dying down and the Pistons avoiding any sort of news, someone had to take the mantle of "that perennially successful team who suddenly gets good and all of the fans from 10 years ago hop on the bandwagon again". Those types of fans need to be hunted for sport (not even for the vital meat they provide hunters).

Percentage-wise, after this game the Celtics should still be the top team in the league.

On top of this, the Celts play New York and Miami next...so yeah...make that 13-2.

DAMN YOU CELTICS! (Shakes fist at the heavens)

Ah well, at least tonight America can celebrate, as the sports landscape has made us appreciate the small victories in life.

Hey, on a side note, is Bill Simmons still readable anymore? I haven't read him in about 6 months simply because I fear how smug he is by this point. My guess is his site has turned into one gigantic image of him fellating the Patriots mascot. At this point it might be legal in some states (definitely in New York) to push Bill Simmons down an elevator shaft as long as you casually say "Sorry, Dude" and notify his family.


Taylor Cunningham on November 27, 2007 at 9:14 PM said...

And WHO beat them? None other than the Cavs who I predicted to go back to the finals.

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