Sunday, November 11, 2007

Who Else Has Guitar Hero Fever?

After picking up Guitar Hero III this weekend, I now have Living Colour's "Cult of Personality" permanently stuck in my head and a claw for left hand that's similar to one of a middle school chronic masterbator. Thank you Playstation! This got me thinking. Remember how Joel Zumaya of the Detroit Tigers hurt his arm and wrist from playing too much Guitar Hero II? Who in the NBA could first fall victim to this highly addictive game? Not that the culture of basketball lends itself to rock and metal, but you don't have to have Ozzy tattooed on your knuckles to enjoy this sucker. In formulating this list, I tried to ignore the few obvious ones like Scott Pollard or Agent Zero (who anyway, I bet just sticks to Halo and online poker) and went with the ones you might least suspect.

1. Vince Carter
After stealing a PS3 from a player on the Liberty, Marcus Williams will let VC have a shot at it. Although prolific during the rounds, he fails early during a boss battle and feigns a hamstring injury and quits.

2. Carlos Boozer
Backne is sometimes the impetus for a kid to pick up a guitar and Boozer has plenty of it. (And he's still got a bone to pick with Prince). Too bad for him the elephant steroids he's taking won't stop the internal bleeding in his thighs.

3. Marcus Camby
This Hartford High School alum is as brittle as a virgin's hymen on The Pickup Artist, so when he tries to shred the plastic axe, he's on that 2-4 weeks list.

4. The Man They Call Sheed
Seriously, it's not him that really wants to play. Just the voices in his head.


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