Saturday, November 10, 2007

Penny Starts, Lil' Penny Winces

Yesterday someone said to me, "So you write about are the Miami Heat doing this year? I haven't been following them."

I just responded, "Well, apparently Penny Hardaway is supposed to start for them tonight."

The guy blinked for a second, then said, " mean Penny Hardaway from the 90s? The one who was on the Magic back in the day? I thought that guy retired a long time ago."

He then looked at me and giggled, expecting for me to relent and say I was joking. When he noticed my expression hadn't changed, he said, "Oh...well that's sad. That's just really sad."

I feel like this is a common conversation happening in Miami these days. In last night's game Penny did indeed start, shot a blistering 0-3 from the field, and was promptly thrown back to the bench. Granted, it was against the Suns, but the Heat lost and made the Heat 0-5 to start out the season. This is just the latest of the zany stories to come out of Miami, quickly becoming our favorite team to watch in this early NBA season.

The consecutive losses for the Heat, dating back to last season, now stands at 18 straight losses!

If they reach 20, THF will have a fun celebration in their honor. Stay tuned!


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