Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Hold The Stephone! THF's Continuing Coverage Of "Knick Implosion 07-08"

We rarely write about the same team consecutively, but hey- this is the Knicks we're talking about. Our grandchildren will be talking about this trainwreck.

The news that came out today was nothing short of awesome (complete with The Howeva Files Stephon Photo!)

The new developments (i.e. gossip) were of course a follow up to that whole "Stephon missing practice thing". Apparently Eddy Curry told Marbury he was getting yanked out of the starting lineup, Marbury got pissed, and proceeded to go AWOL and miss practice.

To this, I have these choice words: Eddy Curry, stop bein' a snitch!

The most exciting/Knicks-esque thing to come out of the story is much more juicy. According to Knicks players, Stephon was on the back of the team plane and was loudly yelling, and I quote:

"Isiah has to start me! I've got so much shit on Isiah and he knows it! He thinks he can fuck me! But I'll fuck him first!You have no idea what I know!"

A few players said this might have actually been yelled AT Isiah, but they weren't sure. Ah, the sweet poetry dealings of a madman.

This is enough fun to make me giggle like a schoolgirl. Just think of how ridiculous this all is. Stephon Marbury, a person who prides himself on zany and borderline illegal dealings, is saying that he has so much dirt on Isiah Thomas, a person who was just convicted of sexual harassment and loudly boasts that he doesn't care about white people, that we won't be able to even fathom it. That is such a grand boast about this "knowledge" that he has, that anything short of info that instantaneously blows your head clean off upon hearing it will be a major disappointment.

Sadly, we will likely have to wait until the next inevitable blow up to hear what that info is. Marbury has rejoined the Knicks, hopping on a plane after basically giving the team a cheap house to the tune of 180 thousand dollars.

After this, there is no way Isiah Thomas gives up that "worst GM in the history of mankind title" to McHale. He completely ripped it right out of McHale's cold, dead hands with this news story.

How did Isiah do this?

Well, you know who Isiah's first acquisition was when he became GM of the Knicks, don't you?



Anonymous said...

just had to point out that magic cavs game tonight. insane game and dwight steps it up with 2 CLUTCH freethrows. great game

Jordan Geary on November 15, 2007 at 1:24 PM said...

Oh tell me about it. That game was incredible to watch! Magic look like the real deal this year.

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