Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I Thank The NBA For A Fantastic Slogan

When I found out that the NBA's slogan for this season would be "Where Amazing Happens", I chuckled at how similar it sounded in tone to one of my favorite ridiculous slogans from last year: "The New York Knicks: Experience The Unbelieveable".

Now that we are about halfway through the season, I can now sit back and say that the slogan was a raging success. -Not for the NBA, per se, but for people like me who like something they can mercilessly make fun of and not get bored.

Whenever someone does a take off of this slogan, I can't help but giggle. It is just rife with possibilities.

Take this image, for example. A fan saw a harmless press image of Orlando Magic mascot "Stuff the Magic Dragon" traveling with the Magic Dancers on the NBA website. One simple line of text and the world is a better place:

Then there are the tons and tons of video spoofs. One thing I have noticed is that as silly as many of these video spoofs are, they do succeed in actually highlighting many of the things that NBA fans like myself love. I see these spoofs and I say, "Hey...I DO like when Vince Carter's inevitable 'taking games off' period happens!" I don't actually say this to my computer, but rather just nod along and then eat a bowl of Fruity Pebbles. I mean, who DOESN'T like when things like Scot Pollard and accidental Karl Malone cheap shots happen?:

In keeping with my love of how crappy NBA Live is, I have to post this:

I won't go and post the hundreds of other "Where __ Happens" spoofs out there (well, maybe this beer pong one), but I do strongly suggest you go to youtube and check some of them out when you get a chance. My one warning: put your speakers on mute , because after a while that song will REALLY burrow into your brain. I was humming it to myself while I took the garbage out earlier tonight and it made the process one of the most dramatic moments of my life. A banana peel fell out of the garbage bag and I almost burst into tears at the beauty of it.


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