Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Now You've Done It! You've Pissed Off Tommy Hilfiger!

With the the Knicks playing their last home game before the holiday, coach and team president, Isiah Thomas, inserted his malcontent point guard, Starbury, back into the starting lineup. Result: A blowout loss to the previously 2-win Golden State Warriors accompanied by numerous chants of "Fire Isiah" throughout the night. In attendance were Tommy Hilfiger (who hasn't been relevant since the ODB was alive and not fat), UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, owner James Dolan, and not to mention Commish David Stern.

I'm sure if you'll listen to Max Kellerman this morning you'll hear how this is actually just part of Thomas' master vision for the team, but you KNOW my man Stephen A will bring his Hammer of Cheese Doodles down afterwards. On who's head though?

He's got to be worn out from being drunk promoting his piece of shit shoes and banging interns in the back of trucks. I'd know, cuz that's what I do every day.

Eddie Curry and Zach Randolph?
Is there any possible way that NBC and MSG got mixed up and made the contestants for The Biggest Loser the starting front court?

The Ladies?
No way. Stephen A loves the ladies, no matter their size, shape, color, or creed. He's the Love Doctor baby!

God I hope so. Amongst things he's ruined besides the Knicks are popcorn and the CBA, which was the only sport I enjoyed while I was a middle school twerp growing up in Hartford (besides of course, trying to get at the expanding bust lines of my female classmates). Remember how people thought it couldn't get worse when Don Nelson left? Wow, we were all WAY off.


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