Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Dwight Howard Is Going To Destroy Us All

Refs hate dirty players.  David Stern hates dirty players.  Basically the WHOLE LEAGUE hates dirty players, and will do everything to stop them before anything bad happens.

-So it made perfect sense when Orlando Magic GM Otis Smith proclaimed to the media today that he wants his team to "develop a nasty attitude".  When pushed on what exactly he meant by this, Otis alluded to how much Dwight Howard got fouled in his previous game and cryptically said:

"Dwight can take care of himself...he knows how to protect himself."

Damn.  After reading that, I expect nothing less than Dwight Howard full-on decapitating a guy and drinking his blood at midcourt.  Usually it's the GM trying to cool off malcontent players, not telling them to grow a pair and start watching old Stephen Jackson footage.  Howard, a devout Christian (who hangs out with porn stars...I love adding that in there), also appears to be getting more cajones with his speech lately too.  When asked how it felt to be the subject of fouls with his increased productivity, Dwight responded:

"Imagine getting punished on the body the whole game by a bunch of little midgets."

See, kids, it's creativity like that which won this guy the dunk title.  While I can't say I love the visual image of a bunch of midgets beating me senseless, the other visual image of Dwight Howard going Cloverfield on other players will be something I take out the popcorn for.


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