Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Second Opinion: Eddy Curry

As has been reported the last few days, Knicks center, Eddie Curry, might need season-ending surgery on his injured right knee. This isn't much to cry about considering that the season is lost for New York and that he's been having one of the worst statistical seasons of his career, but it is worth it for him to get a second opinion before going under the knife. Who better to give medical advice than The Howeva Files?!?

Upon inspection, we find that the patient has discomfort bending his right knee due to a build-up of a unique mix of donut jelly and nacho cheese in the joint.

To repair damage, we suggest sucking down more trans fats hoping that one of two things happen:
  1. The fatty foods in his knee leave to join its brothers in his stomach, hips, thighs, face, neck, arms, fingers...etc.
  2. He ends the nationwide epidemic of obesity by hogging all of the Doritos.


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