Sunday, March 2, 2008

Update Your Bookmarks: We're Now TheHowevaFiles.Com!

We have an announcement that should have come a long time ago, but frankly we are a collection of lazy bastards:

The long and almost impossible to say "" (ewww) is now...

The simple and beautiful (hooray!)

Try it! Type it in! If you are a moron, you can even forget the "www." beforehand and it goes there. This might sound like an insignificant change, but our wallets would state otherwise. With this fancy new shortened monicker, look for some fun and exciting new stuff to come the site's way later this week.

Time to down some champagne, call up some ladies, and celebrate by hitting the town and...

What did you say? It's Sunday night and everyone has work tomorrow?

Oh, right. I forgot. Crap.

Well...have an extra celebratory bowl of cereal on us as you're straightening your tie in the morning. Damn Sunday nights...


Anonymous said...


And thank goodness. It took forever to type that long name in.

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