Thursday, March 27, 2008

Memphis Solidifies Itself As Some Sort Of NBA Bad Decision Fantasyland

When the Grizzlies traded Pau Gasol for a pile of dirty laundry and some pocket lint this season, most NBA fans smacked their forehead in anger (everyone except Lakers fans, who rubbed their hands together and hid their "dark period" Clippers jerseys). The Grizzlies had once again messed up royally, helping out other franchises and dooming their own.

Well, America's favorite bad decision team (not named the Bucks) is at it again! Word from the New York Post is that the Grizzlies are targeting Larry Brown to be their next head coach. Apparently highly-touted coach Marc Iavaroni isn't meshing well with the players, so they are already looking for a replacement.

Hmmm...their current coach isn't meshing well with the team's they are looking at bringing in Larry Brown. Brilliant! It's like trying to save a burning orphanage by throwing kegs of gasoline into it!

So how will Larry Brown work out with the Grizz, should they decide to go that route? Well, sometimes to see into the future, we need to look to the past. What were some of the other more important decisions the team has made in the past decade?

-They tried to establish an NBA franchise in Vancouver.

-Picked two of America's favorite colors for their expansion jerseys in "crap brown" and teal...It should be noted that the team officially calls this color "Naismith Blue". Can you hear him spinning in his grave, because I can!

-Drafted Bryant "Big Country" Reeves, possibly my favorite draft pick ever up to this point. It's like the organization threw out trying to find a face to market the franchise with and said, "Look, we ain't paying a franchise player AND a janitor. Let's consolidate here, people!"

-Signed Darko Milicic to a contract worth more than 5 dollars. Not. Smart.

-Drafted Shareef Abdur Rahim. Yep.

-Tried to establish an NBA franchise in Memphis.

Wow. I literally had to rip my hands from the keyboard to not continue with that list. If this move is anything like the team's past moves, this could be a trainwreck...and thus also be highly entertaining. Stay Tuned!


MagicMadness said...

lol...good article. Seriously, who the hell greenlit the Grizzlies expansion colors? I can't really blame the designer of the original jerseys; he/she probably saw the colors available and thought "they obviously don't care, why should I?"

Thank God the Magic went with blue/black/silver. Keep it simple people. Seems so easy.

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