Friday, December 4, 2009

College Photo Of QB Chad Henne To Star In Dumb & Dumber Sequel

HOLLYWOOD, California - The Farrelly brothers, looking for a star to replace holdout Jim Carrey in a planned Dumb & Dumber sequel, have apparently found their man.

Searching the internet idly for photos of Kyle Orton downing bottles of Jack in college, Peter Farrelly came across a photo of Miami Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne with two ladies on each arm. The photo said "ladies man". The photo said "stud".

The photo also said, "The name's Christmas...Lloyd Christmas".

Negotiations with the soft-spoken quarterback are already underway, and with Jeff Daniels and Lauren Holly already locked up the directing duo plans to begin shooting as early as January 2010.

Reached for comment about the role, Henne spoke to reporters with excitement. "The chance to play a character loved by millions is a dream come true. I've got the mannerisms down, and I'm working on on Carrey's trademark delivery of the line "I like it a-lot" in the first movie. All I need at this point is a chipped tooth...we play the Patriots this week and my offensive line is banged up, so I've got that covered."

New Line Cinema has already released a promotional image for sequel:


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