Friday, December 18, 2009

Mike Shanahan To Change Logo If Named Redskins Coach

WASHINGTON D.C., District of Colombia - Mike Shanahan, formerly coach of the Denver Broncos, reportedly is entertaining talks with the Redskins for their head coaching position. Much of his interest has come from a kinship he has felt with the Redskins logo, which he will alter slightly to the revised logo (seen above) if he is named coach.
"One day I took a close look at the Redskins logo and saw a stern, annoyed-looking, wrinkled, sunburnt man on those helmets. It was like looking in a mirror. That ponytail thing even looks like that obnoxious microphone I wear that makes me look like a Nascar pit-crew member." Shanahan said. "If I take over as Redskins coach, I will remake this team in my image and that starts with the logo."
If named coach, Shanahan's next order of business is rumored to be trading for former Broncos QB Jay Cutler. "Sure, I'd love to work with Jay once again, but only if a deal can come cheaply and efficiently. -And if the Bears throw in those sweet smallpox-covered blankets."


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